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When you rent one of our River Jons or Pontoons, you will meet our staff to help you off to a good start! We will give you quality information on how to operate your boat as well as safety tips and fishing advice for fishing on Taneycomo!

Trout Hollow’s aluminum River Jons are manufactured by Weld-Craft. They come with a live well (without pump), and are unique to our specifications. They are equiped with either a 20hp or 25hp tiller motor. You also have the option of renting a trolling motor for your River Jon.

Our Pontoons can accommodate all group sizes. Our guests can rent a 12 man, 8 man or 6 man pontoon.  They come equipped with either a 40hp, 60hp or 90hp outboard motor. All of our pontoons have canopies and live wells.


Our shop offers a variety of tackle. We have popular lures, drift rigs, power bait, worms and so much more. We also sell fishing pole combos and reels.

Our tackle comes from all over the USA!

We offer several kinds of handmade tackle assortments that have been designed just for Lake Taneycomo! Our goal is to see that you CATCH fish and enjoy your stay with smiles coming in and memories going out!

We also sell fishing licenses for your convenience! Here’s the link to purchase your licenses on line. Click Here

Dock / Boat Slip Rentals

Can’t catch fish without your own boat?  Not a problem, we have boat slip rentals! Each slip has its own power (don’t forget your extension cord) under our 310 foot covered dock. We keep your boat out of the elements. Our dock is also fully lit so you can organize your boat after a great day of fishing, or fish off the dock all evening long!

Each slip will support up to a 20′ boat.  Please be sure to call and we will make sure you have the proper slip for your boat.

We have two fish cleaning areas on the dock. One is heated and located at one end of the dock, the other is an outdoor cleaning area and located in the middle of the dock. Both have running water. You can clean your fish and toss the remains in the water! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

We are happy to provide you with a list of available guides.  We can also book one for you and arrange for pick up at our dock! Call for more information!


Quality Fish

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Tax included when renting Boats, Slips, Trolling Motors and Gas

20 HP - 18 FT River Jon

4 Person

[Gas Included]



12 Man Pontoon

12 man, make sure to count in Coolers and Gear

[Gas Included]


8 Man Pontoon

8 man, Make sure to count in Coolers and Gear.

[Gas Included]


6 Man Pontoon

6 man, make sure to count in Coolers and Gear

[Gas Included]


Regulation and Permit Information

  • On the upper third of the 24-mile long lake, from the Hwy 65 bridge up to Table Rock Dam, a trout stamp is required for ALL fishermen in addition to a fishing license that is required for almost anyone fishing. On-line license link – Click Here
  • The specific regulations and permit required is more fully explained in the Fishing Regulation books provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Pick up a Free Booklet in our store.
  • Ages 0-15 only need a trout stamp if you are old enough to hold a fishing pole, you need a trout stamp. Missouri License
  • Ages 16 and older will need a fishing license and a trout stamp.
  • NO Fishing is permitted within 760 feet below Table Rock Dam if you want to wade fish, the area just below the 760 foot line provides world class wade fishing opportunities.
  • Limit of 4 Rainbow trout, which one of them can be a Brown Trout if it is at least 20″ or longer. You can have 8 in possession, NOT DAILY it is 8 in possession for each trout stamp. Always check regulations. Never Assume!
  • The Trophy area is up lake just past Fall Creek. There is a large sign reflecting the area that is restricted, hard baits, flies are permitted and slot limits are enforced. NO live or soft baits can be used.
  • Trout Hollow Lodge is located about 3/4 mile below the trophy area where all legal baits are permitted.
  • Brown Trout are rare so if a Brown trout is caught, handle gently, keep the fish in the water as much as possible. Take the fish out of the water to measure the length and girth. Weigh then take pictures. Quickly but gently put the fish back in the water to release carefully. All Browns must be at least 20 inches to keep but it is recommended they be released unharmed regardless of size. Most Taxidermist do not use the fish to create the mounted “trophy”, they use the pictures, weight and measurements you provide.
  • Rainbow Trout are plentiful but they too need to be handled with care. In the Trophy area, Rainbow trout from 12” to 20” must be released in this trophy area from Fall Creek up to Table Rock dam. Outside the trophy area, Rainbow trout can be kept at any size. It is still best to release any trout 20 inches or longer.
  • The fish swallowed the hook what do I do now? The best action is to cut the line and put the fish back in the lake. The hook will move out of the fish in about 30 days.

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